For companies, we offer customized search services. We invest resources in analyzing the organization's needs and assist clients to strategically identify and attract the most outstanding performers. We seek to find the strongest talents in order to maximize the value and growth of our clients.

We know how valuable your time is and how time sensitive the recruiting process is. Coming from the business sector we understand that a successful delivery should be effective both in the result but also in the path to achieve it. This is why we emphasize client's satisfaction, excellent communications with our clients and customer service as a top priority. We are able to assist companies from various industries in the U.S. and Israel. We can provide added value to companies such as:

  • Israeli companies seeking to establish their U.S. operation; incorporate a subsidiary in the U.S. or expand their current U.S. activity.
  • Start-Up companies or Venture Capital companies seeking executives in Israel or Northeast U.S.
  • American or international companies seeking to establish their Israeli operation; or that are looking to hire for their Israeli/Northeast U.S. operation.
We look forward to assisting you in your company's recruiting search.

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