Why Forte'

  • Our wide network and database of executives and leading companies
    Our wide network of contacts, personal as well as corporate, within the business communities both in Israel and the Northeast U.S. guarantees a well focused and tailored search process.

  • Our commitment to confidentiality and integrity
    We are committed to full confidentiality and honesty to our clients and candidates. We would protect your privacy. Any information collected to help our clients to find the best candidates or to our candidates to find the perfect job is absolutely confidential and would not be used for any other purpose.

  • Our personal touch and our direct, bureaucracy -free approach
    Being a boutique firm we provide customized services to our clients and candidates. A bureaucracy-free approach directs us in providing you a personal recruiting service. We believe that by working closely with you and learning about your needs, goals and hopes we would achieve better results. Call it old-fashioned, but we would rather talk to you than ask you to fill up forms on our web site.

  • We would:

    • Protect your privacy
    • Return your calls
    • Deliver services in a timely manner
    • Work with you to achieve your goals
    • Treat you as our only client

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